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We Found the Perfect Beauty Destination For You

TGIF lovelies! Say, ever wanted to get a haircut, wax, facial and massage all at one place? Well, we just did the
homework for you. You’re welcome. In the heart of the concrete jungle lies Marc Joseph Salon and Spa . This gem
is located on 147 W 40th St, which is two blocks away from the famous and hottest tourist destination known as
Times Square.

Top 5 Hair Trends for Spring

Now that April has come and gone, we can say hello to much beautiful, much warmer weather. While our tresses were hiding under an umbrella for majority of the past month, it is time to let our strands shine and bloom under the sun. Here are our top 5 hair trends that are simple enough to follow:


Number One: Making waves. Simply rub some hair oil onto damp hair and blow dry straight. Starting at the midshaft, take your rollers and curl the ends. Finish the look with hairspray and voila!


Number Two: Low-maintenance half up-do. Section your hair into two parts. With the top half, section it off down the middle. Twist both parts and have them meet. Next, wrap the twisted ends together, laying one side on top of the other. Secure the hair with bobby pins. Use a curling iron for the bottom half to get the desired curls.



Number Three: Side swept. This look can be achieved successfully if you have long bangs. Part your bangs to the side. Next, use a straightener to iron your bangs; while doing so, rotate your straightener away from your face as you go down to the ends. Top this look off with a low pony tail.



Number Four: Posh Spice. If you really think about it, this 90s look never really went away. Rub some hair oil on dry hair. Slick your hair back into a high ponytail. Get rid of flyaways with a little bit of hairspray on a toothbrush. Take your hair straightener and iron out the ends. Finish the look with a bold face and you’re ready to hit the town.



Number Five: Coachella everyday. If you’ve got layers for days, this look is perfect. Use mousse to thicken your roots. Tease your roots just a little bit for some volume. Next, part your hair down the middle and do the fishtail method on both sides. After securing the braids with elastic, loosen them just a bit more.

Visit their website  here   or call 212-391-6699 for more information.

Top 5 Spring-Inspired Nail Art

Spring has finally arrived, although it may not seem like it due to the remaining cold days. It is the season of bright, pastel colors and blooming flowers. In honor of this soon-to-be warm and sunny weather, we have dug up the top five creative nail art from the Tumblr archive

Number One: Beautiful purple, blue and green marbling with a giraffe pattern adds some fun to the nails. Although it may look tedious, these gorgeous nails will definitely stir up a conversation in public.


Number Two: Pastel colors, confetti and nail jewelry are perfect for showing off your love for the season. Find nail polish colors that complement each other and you will surely have the best nails in town.

Number Three: Speaking of complementing colors, turquoise and lavender are perfect examples. Who doesn’t love alternating colors? Not to mention, adding an accent nail is always trendy

Number Four: Daisies! Add some contrast by using a darker background color. Use fine brushes to paint in these flowers and their tiny details. If you’re not a fan of daisies, you can totally substitute in your favorite bloomers.

Number Five: Rainbow polka dots are super simple to create. Paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish. Then, use the back of a tiny brush to carefully dab on the other colors. Top it off with a clear coat, and voila! There is no rule as to where to start. This is the time to show off your creativity!

Visit their website  here   or call 212-391-6699 for more information.





Top 5 Hair Care Tips for Spring

Spring is coming, which means it is the ideal time to freshen up your hair care routine. Now that the harsh winter days are behind us, your hair needs to adapt to the warm temperature once again. Here are the top 5 tips on how to tame your hair for spring.

Number One: Go natural. Take some time to invest in hair products with natural ingredients. We recommend Aveda as its products are formulated without parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate. As the saying goes, “if you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t buy it.” Therefore, stick to the ingredients you are familiar with and your hair will thank you in the long run.

Number Two: Plants grow and bloom during this wonderful time and so should your hair. Stimulating your scalp with olive oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil once a week allows your hair to grow a little longer while keeping your hair healthy.

Number Three: With warmer weather comes humidity, fog and wind. Thus, your hair may become frizzy, which is not an ideal look for you or anyone. Try using an anti-freeze/shine serum before you walk out the door. Keep a travel-sized one hand in your purse should you need it while you’re out and about.

Number Four: Reboot your hair by using a clarifying treatment. Clarifying your hair will get rid of that nasty residue in your scalp left previously by other shampoos. If you’re on a tight budget, simply mix apple cider vinegar with one cup of water; use a spray bottle for convenience and let it soak in for a while. After the treatment, use shampoo and conditioner like you normally would.

Number Five: Has winter left your ends dry and brittle? If so, then it’s time for a trim. Revive your hair by trimming half an inch off the ends. Getting a trim every few weeks will guarantee longer and stronger hair for the next season.

Start off your hair care routine by visiting us here at Marc Joseph Salon and Spa. Visit their website  here    or call 212-391-6699 for more information.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Makeup

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romantic love. It is a special, intimate day to embrace the love you have towards a significant other. It is also a PERFECT excuse to get dolled up! With the annual holiday coming up in less than a week, we have found the top 5 makeup looks for the special day.

Number One: Roses Are Red. YouTuber Nikkie is known for her glamorous looks. Her Valentine’s Day makeup includes defined eyebrows, long falsies, dark red lips and highlights. Execute this look with your hair down, straight or wavy, and you’re ready to hit the town.

Number Two: Go Nude. Makeup and beauty enthusiast Maria goes for a pink smokey eye with nude lips. This is a perfect look for those who are not fans of bold colors. Top off the eyes with long falsies (Maria used Koko Lashes).

Number Three: Au Natural. If you are not impressed by the last two, and want more of a natural look, we recommend makeup artist Suzy Katarina’s makeup. It’s low maintenance and very much easy to do. Groom your eyebrows and fill them in; throw some brown/pink eyeshadow and a volumizing mascara; add a touch of highlight and blush on your cheek bones and finish it off with some pink lip gloss.

Number Four: All That Glitters. Now this look’s got attitude. If you love glitter and all things that sparkle, this makeup is just for you. Stand out with glitter eyeshadow and dark red lipstick. Your date will be impressed!

Number Five: Classic Red. You can never go wrong with red lipstick, especially on this special occasion. Keep it classy with long eyelashes and bold lips!

Remember, beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Here at Marc Joseph Salon & Spa, we offer skin care services such as facials and waxing. Before you present your beautiful self to the one you love on Valentine’s Day, book an appointment with us this weekend!

Visit their website here or call 212-391-6699 for more information.


Blorange: The Latest Hair Trend of 2017

“Blorange” is this year’s latest hair trend. Consisting of pastel shades of orange, red and pink, this new trend was discovered recently by Georgia Jagger, who gave it the name. The name’s origin derived from blood orange, a type of fruit that has a tint of red. It’s the perfect hue for all types of hair whether it be short, long, thin or thick. There are absolutely no rules when it comes to rockin’ this peachy shade:

Try adding a little red for a bolder look.

The more you wash your hair, the better. A little fade goes a long way.

A blorange ombre that’s eye-catching.

Be part of the trend and show off your new hair when you book an appointment with Marc Joseph Salon and Spa. Visit their website here or call 212-391-6699 for more information.

Top 10 Holiday Nails That’ll Get You In The Christmas Spirit

With Christmas literally 10 days away, there’s no better time than now to add those final finishing touches to your shopping list- and by final touches, we mean a relaxing day at the salon! We’ve teamed up with Marc Joseph Salon and Spa to bring the holiday cheer with a 10 Days of Christmas Countdown with these holiday-inspired nails. Merry Christmas!


Number One: Nativity Nails

What’s Christmas really all about after-all? These cute nativity nails add a twist to the traditional idea of “holiday nails.” To achieve this festive look, use OPI’s Polish “Road House Blues as your base coat, and then lightly sponge and dab Zoya’s Polish “Song,” creating a gradient effect at the tips of the nails. Next, use Elevation’s Polish “Pitarag” along the cuticle line to create the starry night. Lastly, use, black, white and yellow creamy colors to finish the look with the manger, Mary & Joseph, star, hills and the palm trees.



Number Two: Nightmare Before Christmas

Feeling edgy this Christmas? Try this alternative holiday inspired nail CND’s Polish in “Black Jack,” for the base,  Nar’s “Ecume,” for the snowflake backdrop, Square Hue’s “Times Square,” for the cute tiny snowfall, and OPI’s “Pure”, to create the shimmering effect. Oh, and also don’t forget to pick up a tiny brush for the snowflake art. This inspired look was used with a size10/0 brush from Michaels.



Number Three: Candy Cane Lane

Channeling an “ugly sweater” look, this cute and simple candy cane nail design is achieved using China Glaze products. First, apply two coats of China Glaze Four Leaf Clover and allow to dry. Next, use China Glaze’s Liquid Leather to create the animal print. Lastly, use Sinful Color’s “Snow Me White” and China Glaze’s “Mediterranean Charm” for the tiny candy canes.





Number Four: Winter Wonderland

Nothing says Christmas like glitter and snow and these cute Winter Wonderland inspired nails are the perfect combination of both! To get this cute look, use a white or blue and apply Loaded Lacquer’s “40 Below.” To create the forest look, use Bundle Monster’s BM-407 printing stamp. Lastly, to create the cute snowy effect, add small, white-dots, using a white polish. For a more matte look, use OPI’s Matte Topcoat.



Number Five: Let it Snow

Don’t be aloof this Christmas, instead be Olaf (hehe) and let your artistic abilities shine! These textured gradient nails were achieved using OPI’s “Tiffany Case” and “Solitare.”


Number Six: Put a Bow on it


I mean really, how cute are these?! For cute and simple manicure, apply L’Oreal’s “Black Swan Opaque” to the thumb, index and pinky fingers. Then, on the middle and ring fingers, apply Essie’s “White.” To create the cute background, use your favorite nail stamp and Barry M’s Polish “Silver Foil Effect.”  Lastly, using black sewing thread, create a tiny bow and apply while nails are still wet.



Number Seven: Charlie Brown Christmas

Yes, these nails are a bit much to recreate (good grief!), but they’re super cheap to design and honestly, there’s nothing that says Christmas more than Charlie Brown. This look can be completely tailored to your liking, but make sure you’ve got a good set of nail art brushes! The one used in this look was at Sally’s Beauty Supply (Winning Nails by Worldwide #306 nail art brush).



Number Eight: “The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea..”

Steal the show this Christmas with these cute, cartoon-inspired nails. What’s great about these nails is that they’re totally customizable and perhaps you’d like to add a little more.




Number Nine: Merry in Matte

They may be called ugly sweaters, but there’s nothing ugly about this matte inspired Christmas sweater look. Recreate this look using LVX’s “Boredeux” on the thumb, index and pinky fingers. Spice up the look by adding pops of colors and patterns to the middle and ring finger and top it off with cute crystals. Don’t forget the cute reindeer!



Number Ten: Christmas at Tiffany’s

Create this minty inspired Christmas look using Picture Polish’s “Tiffany,” (base)  OPI’s “This Gown Needs A Crown,” (middle finger base) OPI’s “My Dogsled is A Hybrid,” (Christmas Tree Shading) and Glisten and Glow’s HK Girl Top Coat.

So these looks probably got you in the Christmas spirit huh? If you’d like to book a manicure, pedicure, or both, check out Marc Joseph Salon and Spa’s website here for hours of operation. Or, you can simply give them a call at (212) 391-6699. Ho! Ho! Ho! And a Merry Christmas!



5 Easy Tips to Maintain Healthy, Moisturized Skin During Winter

Winter is coming (insert Game of Thrones audible) and with it brings the unpleasant dryness we all are too far familiar with. To reduce the chapping, redness, itching, and all the other dreadful things that winter brings, check out these 5 easy tips to keep your skin hydrated and looking fresh this winter:

Number One: Drink more. It’s the season of hot chocolate, coffee and wine. And while all these delicious drinks make our taste buds dance, they do nothing for our hydration needs-so make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. How much water do you need? Well, that depends on what you see fit for your body, but research has shown that the average adult should drink about half a gallon of water per day.

*Fun Tip: Turn your bland water into a sweet natural treat by adding fruits like strawberries, lemons and oranges.

Number Two: Change your shower routine. There’s nothing more tempting than taking a hot shower on a cold winter day. However, hot water is known for stripping the skin of its natural oils, causing dehydration. Instead, balance out the moisture by taking lukewarm showers. You’ll still be warm and your face will thank you for it.

Number Three: Exfoliate. Every day, your skin is hustling to remove millions of dead unwanted skin cells, but some cells are more stubborn to remove than others. And when the skin is blocked by those stubborn cells, moisture can’t get in. So, help your buds out by expediting the process with a good exfoliating scrub. Not sure what scrub to use? Make your own by combining brown sugar, oil olive and your favorite essential oil. Sugar scrubs are great the skin because of sugar’s natural humectants properties. The scrub can be used for your body, face and lips or any other place you feel deserves a good scrubbing. Just be gentle!

*Feeling creative? Spice up your scrub by adding ingredients like coffee, honey, cinnamon or vanilla extract.

Number Four: Moisturize. It’s kind of a given that if you want to maintain moisturized skin, you moisturize… but you’d be amazed at how many skip this process. Immediately after the shower, make sure to lotion-and with a good lotion at that. While some over-the-counter products guarantee to provide “intense moisture,” many are loaded with harsh ingredients that dry your skin out more. When shopping for lotion, go for oil-based solutions rather than a water ones and for look for moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or shea butter. Or create your own lotion using raw shea butter and your favorite oil.

Number Five: Protect yourself. Scarfs, gloves and hats aren’t the only items you shouldn’t leave the house without this winter. Remember to always carry lip-balm, sun-screen, backup moisturizer and soothing facial tissues in your purse or backpack. As we’ve all learned (the hard way), there’s nothing worse than chapped lips being whipped with the brisk winter air, or a chafed nose that won’t stop running. And while it may seem odd to carry around sunscreen during the darkest time of the year, you’d be surprised how much UV-rays can prevent the skin from holding on to moisture (and snow intensifies those rays further).

Check out Marc Joseph Salon and Spa’s website here for hours of operation. Or, you can simply give them a call at (212) 391-6699.

Top 10 Halloween Nail Art

Halloween is in two weeks, and we are SUPER excited! We’ve teamed up with the experts at Marc Joseph Salon and Spa and found the top 10 Halloween nail art from the interwebs. While some are edgy and unique, overall, they are fun and easy to do. Enjoy!



Number One: Blood Everywhere. Use white nail polish as a base. Take a straw and dab it on some red nail polish. Blow with all your might on the other end of the straw onto your nails. Use a fine brush to add some finishing touches.




Number Two: Corpse Bride Inspired. Take your favorite Halloween colors and paint them randomly onto your nails. Then take a fine brush and draw lines to separate the colors. Add short lines in the opposite direction to achieve that patchy look. It can be matte or glossy; it’s totally up to you!




Number Three: Halloweentown. Start off by painting your nails black. Take a sponge and dab some orange glitter. Transfer the glitter on the sponge to your nails, using a – you guessed it – dabbing motion. Repeat steps until you are satisfied with how they look.




Number Four: Mystical Forest. Paint the chosen colors onto a sponge. Paint three lines of different shades for an ombré look. Dab the sponge onto the nail and repeat three times or until you get enough coats. Take a clear glitter nail polish and apply it over your nails. Then take a fine brush and black nail polish to draw tiny, leafless trees.




Number Five: Spider Web. All you need for this look is some white and black nail polish and a fine brush! It’s pretty easy.




Number Six: Orange is the new black. This look can be achieved using matte nail polish in white, black, orange, peach and green. Use tape for clean stripes and a fine brush to draw little jack-o-lanterns.




Number Seven: Nail Cemetery. This requires a couple of coats and LOTS of patience! Start with a white base, then using a fine brush, draw some crosses with black polish. Once it dries, paint a light gray coat. Repeat the steps until you achieve depth and dimension. You can add some glitter at the end or a matte clear coat.




Number Eight: FUNtober. This one is probably the simplest technique out of the list. All you need is some orange, white and black. Use the other side of a brush to create the dots!




Number Nine: Meet the Franks. Use a lime, pastel green as a base. With a fine brush, dip it in some black polish and carefully paint your nails. You can use this photo to help you! Top it off with a clear coat and you are good to go.




Number Ten: Monster Mash. This one is extremely cute! Use the necessary colors for your monsters of choice. Remember, a fine brush is your best friend when you want to go into detail. Always top off your nail art with a clear coat!

 If you want to book a manicure, pedicure, or both, check out Marc Joseph Salon and Spa’s website here or give them a call at (212) 391-6699 for more information. Until next time, stay fabulous! xoxo



Top 5 Nail Art Ideas for Fall

It may still feel like Summer with the warm weather and humidity, but Fall is just around the corner – 2 days to be exact! In honor of this beautiful season filled with pumpkin spice lattés, cinnamon-scented candles, knit sweaters and foliage, we’ve found top 5 cutest nail art ideas for Fall:


Number One: Dark Red Ombré – Red is bold, red is dynamic. And it’s perfect for the season. It’s a pretty simple design, but it will surely grab people’s attention.


Number Two: All That Glitters – Start with a brown base and add some sparkle! This is ideal for a special occasion like Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Number Three: Minimalist – All it takes is scotch tape and some polish!


Number Four: Metallic – If you’re not into the red, try a deep purple color. Add some sparkle to one finger on each hand to make your nails stand out.


Number Five: Edgy – When in doubt, wear black. It goes with pretty much everything. Add a pop of color, sparkle and shine to make a bold statement!

If you’re inspired to get your nails done, stop by Marc Joseph Salon and Spa! Visit their website here for more information on their beauty services and pricing. Until next time, stay fabulous! xoxo

The Benefits of a Brazilian Wax

The Benefits of a Brazilian Wax

Waxing has been and still is an ongoing trend for women and even men. This hair removal method dates back to ancient Egyptian times, which is ~5,000 years ago. And that’s a long time! Back then, the wax was believed to be a sugar and lemon-based paste.

 Today, there are many different styles of waxing; however, there is one style that is the most extreme: Brazilian. A Brazilian wax removes most, if not all, the hair “down under.” It gets rid of the hair in a way no other method can. The skin shows no signs of stubble for weeks. The results will leave you with smooth skin and confidence in a teeny, tiny bikini.

 Waxing beats a razor and day of the week because of its longevity. Whether you get a Brazilian wax in the winter or summer, hair won’t start regrowing after a few weeks. Unlike the razor, which trims hair just above the surface, waxing removes the hair completely from the shaft.

 For a less painful experience, we recommend you book an appointment with Marc Joseph Salon & Spa. For more information on their hair removal services, click here.


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